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We are sure to locate the best candidates possible for you with the help of our perfect localized service. In addition, our service is totally free of charge and most importantly we can help to shorten the fussy employing procedure. We firmly believe that with our specialty and strength we are well positioned to meet your demands.

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  • [ News ] Interview for Jordan Restaurants Employer
    Add Time: 2008-12-5 19:36:38    Tag: Restaurants
    Jordan chefs wereinterviewed by employeron Sep 25th , 2007 . The Jordanian employer came to Qingdao to interview Chinese chef and cook on Jul.25, 2007. The employer is a Britisher who runs a large scale catering division company in Jordan, it mainly serves multinational meals for workers in local fa
  • [ News ] Interview for PNG Restaurants Employer
    Add Time: 2008-12-5 19:35:31    Tag: Restaurants
    PNG employer interviewed the chefs on September 5th, 2007. Interview for The Independent State of Papua New Guinea Restaurants Employer The The Independent State of Papua New Guinea employer came to Qingdao to interview Chinese chef and cook on September.5, 2007 for 3 chefs and 2 cooks in all.
  • [ News ] Interview for UK Restaurants Employer
    Add Time: 2008-12-5 19:34:49    Tag: Restaurants
    UK employer interviewed chefs and cooks on July 31st, 2007. The UK employer came to Qingdao to interview Chinese chef and cook on Jul.31, 2007 for 2 chefs and 2 cooks and 4 managers in all.
  • [ News ] Chefs Interview for UK Recruitment
    Add Time: 2008-12-5 19:33:55    Tag: Chefs
    UK chefs were in an interview from May 23th to 24th,2007. May 23 to 24, Ms Ho from Bristol, UK came to Qingdao. She owns a Chinese restaurant and wants to open a new shop in the near future. For lack of qualified and steady chefs, she chose our service and fly to China for the interview. We org
  • [ News ] Poland Welder Interview From May 9 to May 11
    Add Time: 2008-12-5 19:33:14    Tag: Poland Welder
    Poland's welders were in an interview From 9th-11th of May. From 9th-11th of May, our client from Poland held the test of welders in a wedling test center of Qingdao. The workers will be sent to Katowice and Rybnik. So, the client required our workers to do two samples: one for TIG welding (pipe
  • [ News ] Holland Employer Interviewed Chefs in Guangzhou
    Add Time: 2008-12-5 19:29:22    Tag: Chefs
    Holland employer interviewed chefs on February 14th, 2007. Mr. LIN from Holland owned a Chinese restaurant and a Japanese restaurant in Rotterdam and Hague. On 14th February, Mr. LIN fly to Guangzhou. He interviewed Chinese chefs and Japanese chefs in our Guangzhou office. Chefs from Guangzhou, Sh
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We are a conglomerate company with consultant and trade. It locates in Qingdao, Shandong. During the past years, the work team in our company makes great progress. Our scopes of business have been broadening to economic cooperation (Business of labor consultant), personal immigrant (business immigrant and technological immigrant), imports and exports trade and so on. What’s more, we achieve performance and gain great reputation in the industry.

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